With the end of the school year fast approaching Avera Sports eagerly announces summer sports performance training programs for O’Gorman Knights athletes.  Focusing on speed, strength, conditioning and agility, these programs will be overseen and delivered by members of the Avera Sports training staff.  A key emphasis of these training programs will be on reducing the risk of injury and addressing the specific needs of the junior high and high school athlete.

 O’Gorman Knight athletes choosing to participate in these programs will complete training at both O’Gorman High School and Avera Sports.  For example, strength training, agility training and much of the conditioning will take place at the school; while one day each week—an emphasis on developing proper sprint mechanics—will occur at Avera Sports.

Who: 9th-12th Male Athletes (exception: 10th-12th Varsity Football Players)

When: June 4 – July 28, 2018

Training times are at 9AM and occur in these locations:

Monday (O’Gorman), Tuesday (Avera Sports), Wednesday (O’Gorman) and Thursday (O’Gorman)

(Avera Sports Dome, 1601 W 44th Pl, Sioux Falls, SD)

Training programs will be appropriate to age, sport and experience.

 Cost : $300

Registration and payment are due prior to the start of training.

Participation WILL NOT be allowed until registration/wavier and payment are received

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