2017 Summer

OGJH Sports Training Program

The O’Gorman Junior High Sports Training Program is a great opportunity for younger athletes to get a taste of what it is takes to be a Knight!  This program specializes in improving speed, vertical jump, strength, quickness and agility and is overseen by Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists from Avera Sports Institute.

Who:  Males and Females going into grades 5-8.

When:  May 30 – July 27, 2017

Weekly Schedule:  

Monday:  Athletic Republic Workout (Sprint/Plyometric workout)

Tuesday:  Ground Based Agility

Wednesday:  Athletic Republic Workout (Sprint/Plyometric workout)

Thursday:  Ground Based Conditioning

*Each athlete must sign up for a one hour conditioning slot – [8am – 9am] or [10am – 11am] and one half hour strength slot [7:30am – 8am] [9am – 9:30am] [9:30am-10am] [11am – 11:30am] each day and must stay consistent throughout the summer

*Mon/Wed hour conditioning slots will need to be capped at 10 athletes per hour

*Tue/Thurs hour conditioning slots won’t need an athlete cap

Where:  The Athletic Republic Workouts and Ground Based Agility Training will take place in the O’Gorman Junior High Gymnasium and the field.

Cost:  $225, includes pretesting, training sessions and post-testing


What is the Athletic Republic Workout?
The Athletic Republic workouts are the speed and agility workouts that we offer at the Avera Sports Institute.  Athletic Republic is a nationally franchised program that we have been offering in Sioux Falls for 20 years.  We are the only facility that can offer these workouts and all of the protocols and equipment we use is exclusive to Avera.

The two Athletic Republic workouts the athletes will complete each week will consist of:

One sprint workout – designed to improve overall running ability.  Improve sprinting speed, running mechanics and recovery ability.  Each athlete’s running workouts will be tailored to their abilities and conditioning level and progressed accordingly.

One plyometric workout – designed to improve lower body agility, coordination, vertical jump and explosiveness.  Plyometric workouts work on single and double leg activities to focus on dominant and non dominant leg as well as address correct land and load mechanics.

When will the Strength Training be available?
Some of the Strength Training will be incorporated in their ground-based and plyometric workouts. Otherwise, Strength Training will take place either before or after Athletic Republic/ ground-based workouts.

What options are available if athletes are going to be gone for a week or two?

If an athlete has to miss a week, we can either have them take that week off and make the Athletic Republic workouts up at the end at the Avera Sports Institute, or the Athletic Republic workouts could be made up at the Avera Sports Institute at a different time/date.  Call 322-3278 to schedule a make-up time.

If they are going to be in a camp for a week can they switch times just for that week?
Yes, or we can either have them take that week off and make the Athletic Republic workouts up at the end, or the Athletic Republic workouts could be made up at the Avera Sports Institute. Call 322-3278 to schedule a make-up time.


More information will be emailed as we approach our starting date.


If you have any questions regarding registration, contact Aaron Strand at astrand@sfcss.org or 575-3300

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